Code of Ordinances

The Laws of Shelby County

The Shelby County Code of Ordinances (see below) contains the laws of Shelby County and are applicable in the unincorporated areas of Shelby County. View a listing of all of Shelby County's ordinances below:

Adopting an Ordinance

The Shelby County Board of Commissioners is the legislative body empowered to adopt ordinances. In order for an ordinance to be adopted, it must first be read on three different days in open session of the full Shelby County Board of Commissioners. As required by the Shelby County Charter, most ordinances are adopted after receiving a majority vote of the membership of the Board of Commissioners, but a few require a two-thirds majority vote in order to be adopted.

Once an ordinance is approved by the Board of Commissioners, it goes to the mayor for his signature. If the mayor signs the ordinance, it becomes law 15 days after its passage unless a later date is provided for in the ordinance. Should the mayor veto an ordinance, it is returned to the Board of Commissioners for action within 30 days. A majority plus one vote by the Board of Commissioners is necessary to override the mayor's veto, except for ordinances that require a two-thirds majority vote, which require a two-thirds majority vote to override the mayor's veto. If the mayor chooses not to sign or veto an ordinance, it will automatically be come law after a 10-day period or later if a specific date is contained within the ordinance.

Note: Copies of all proposed ordinances are available during regular business hours at the office of the Shelby County Board of Commissioners located at:
160 North Main St.
Suite 450
Memphis, TN 38103