Transient Vendor

Defining Transient Vendors
  • “Transient Vendor” means any person who brings into temporary premises and exhibits stocks of merchandise to the public for the purpose of selling or offering to sell the merchandise to the public.
  • “Transient Vendor” does not include any person selling goods by sample, brochure, or sales catalog for future delivery, or to sales resulting from the prior invitation to the seller by the owner or occupant of a residence.
  • For the purpose of this definition, “merchandise” means any consumer item that is, or is represented to be, new or not previously owned by a consumer, and “temporary premises” means any public place, including a hotel, room house, storeroom, building or part of a building, tent, vacant lot, railroad car or motor vehicle which is temporarily occupied for the purpose of exhibiting stocks of merchandise to the public. Premises are not temporary if the same person has conducted business at those premises for more than six consecutive months or has occupied the premises as the person’s permanent residence for more than six consecutive months.
  • The applicant then must pay a fee for the permit of $162.00 for the City of Memphis and county fee or $107.00 for the county only.
  • Once the “Transient Vendor” application has been filed and reviewed by the Selby County Clerk’s Office and the fees have been paid, the applicant will be issued a “Transient Vendor’s” License.
  • The permit expires 14 days after it is issued and the applicant will need to re-apply for a new permit upon the expiration of their current permit.
For more information please call 901-222-3059