Contract Compliance Program

Instruction to Bidders

Consistent with Article V, Section 5.13 B (5) and (6) of the Home Rule Charter and the Shelby County Board of Commissioners Resolution 9, adopted November 5, 2012, the Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance (EOC) has developed a Contract Compliance Program for Shelby County government.

You are advised that the following procedures have been instituted in order to fulfill these responsibilities:
  • All firms, regardless of the number of employees must pre-qualify for an EOC Contract Compliance Eligibility Number prior to submission of a bid for a contract.
  • To receive an EOC Contract Compliance Eligibility Number the following steps must be taken at least 45 days prior to bid opening.
    • Secure a Contract Compliance Packet from the EOC. For information and assistance in these procedures, contact the contract compliance officer at (901) 222-1100.
    • Return requested information to the EOC office by the time specified above for review of compliance with standards of Resolution 9. The EOC office is located at:
      160 N. Main
      Suite 200
      Memphis, TN 38103
    • Secure a contract compliance number for your firm and mark it on each bid envelope submitted.

Additional Vendor Information

For vendors, unless stipulated on the Contract Eligibility Report, certification numbers are valid for a period of 3 years after which a review will be necessary.

Contact Us

Please feel free to call our office at (901) 222-1100 for any assistance you may need as we implement this phase of Shelby County government's Equal Opportunity Compliance Program.