Agriculture & Natural Resources


Horticultural information is available for commercial horticulture industry persons and homeowners through the Agricultural Extension Service. Master Gardener training, brown bag lunch seminars, plant and insect pest diagnostics, fertilizer recommendations, and soil test kits are available through this program. Contact Christopher Cooper for additional information about this program.

Distance Diagnostics

Bring samples of insects or diseased plants to the extension office and we will digitize them using digital microscopes or a camera, submit the samples to The University of Tennessee Diagnostics Lab, and receive the results back within one day. The response time for this type of inquiry used to be two weeks. Contact Mary Wade, or (901) 752-1207, for additional information about this program.

Agricenter International Extension Programs

The Agricenter International Extension office offers environmental and agricultural science opportunities for youth and adults. Contact Tim Roberts, or (901) 757-7777, for additional information about Agricenter International Extension programs.


Commercial and horticultural in Shelby County include lawn, landscape management, pest control and ornamental crops. If you need private or commercial points of programs in these areas contact Booker T. Leigh by phone at (901) 752-1207 or by email.


Row crop, commercial vegetation, commercial fruit, forestry, wild life, fisheries, horse, and beef management. Information is available for farmers and agribusiness. Contact Booker T. Leigh at (901) 752-1207 or email for additional information about the department agricultural programs.