Racial Equity Ad Hoc

The Commissioner's Permanent Rules of Order permits the Commission Chairman to create Ad Hoc Committees as needed. With each committee, the chairman appoints members and officers to serve collectively to achieve the mission of the special committee. 

Shelby County Racial Equity Ad Hoc Committee

Goal: To establish, develop, and implement actionable items to identify racial inequities in Shelby County by addressing poverty and barriers to economic mobility, and providing solutions to the established objectives.


  1. Increasing access to affordable housing, African-American homeownership, and receiverships while providing education for the consumer and combating practices that hinder African-American communities such as redlining, steering, blockbusting, gentrification, mortgage denial via discriminatory VA/FHA and THDA practices, and racially restrictive covenants;
  1. Identifying critical needs within the mental health realm and discovering ways to provide affordable culturally competent healthcare in areas of socioeconomic need, as there are clinical differences between infant mortality rates and life expectancy rate between African-Americans and their counterparts;
  1. Categorizing areas within the Criminal Justice System that have shown historical and systemic disenfranchisement of African-Americans and providing holistic solutions to those who have the desire and will to re-enter society as positive contributors and to do so without significant barrier and total eradication of the school to prison pipeline;
  1. Enhancing career opportunities and business ownership, while promoting higher pay to close the wealth gap among African-Americans and other races; and
  2. Creating short, medium, and long-term strategies to challenge and confront negative elements such as predatory lending while promoting financial literacy, financial freedom, and generational wealth.


This Racial Equality Ad Hoc Committee shall comprise of the following members:

Commissioner Edmund Ford, Jr., Chair
Commissioner Brittney Thornton, Vice-Chair
Rasheedah Jones, Black Coalition of Housing
Daryl Lewis, NAREB
Dr. William Arnold, Youth Justice Center
Audrey Townsel, Wellpath
Dr. Althea Steward, UT Health Science Center
Ernest Strickland, Black Business Association
Jozelle Luster Booker, President CEO, The MMBC Continuum
Gerrie Currie, Financial Federal Credit Union
Williams Brack, Young Wall Street Traders

For more information, please call 901-222-1000.