Mayor Lee Harris' Summer Work Experience (MSWE)


Mayor Lee Harris’ Summer Work Experience: Transforming the Future

Mayor Lee Harris’ Summer Work Experience provided Shelby County young adults with an opportunity to learn new skills, gain financial independence, and grow their professional network.  Young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 were able to work in 25 Divisions within Shelby County Government.  To name a few departments, students worked within the Division of Community Services, the Health Department, the Office of Innovation, and the County Attorney’s Office. Participants earned a living wage of $15/hour plus a $100 bonus for perfect attendance. 

In this transformative program, a total of 51 students were hired and placed according to their college majors and career interests, allowing them to gain hands-on experience in their chosen fields. Our summer internship program has left a lasting impression on our interns, as reflected in their heartfelt testimonials: 

  • "The most impactful part of the program was the environment to me. It felt welcoming, it was a space to truly be myself, it created pathways I could learn from, etc. The whole program is an A+ in my opinion." 
  • "Going out in the communities to provide resources for youth." 
  • "Gaining valuable experience with my major." 
  • "That we got to help out with packing food for those in need." 
  • "The skills I gained and the connections I made." 
  • "The most impactful part of the program for me was meeting new people and building relationships with the people I worked with every day. This job helped me step out of my comfort zone with my shyness." 
  • "Everything! This internship - from the speakers who came out and spoke of their profession and their journey to get to where they're at, to the supervisors, the wisdom of words, to the fellow interns who came to learn, grow, and develop in their path, and getting a new start in new opportunities. Overall, being inspired, empowered, and encouraged to be anything but to also give back to those in my communities and to the youth! Thank you to everyone involved in this program!!" 
  • "Working at CVRCC." 
  • "Getting my DEI Certification a week before the Internship ended, thus achieving my goal. Closing ceremony, getting to reflect on all the work I did during the summer."

Additionally, we are thrilled to share the remarkable successes of our interns: 

  • Five of our students have been hired, with three joining the Shelby County Government, two with Emergency Management/Homeland Security, and one with the Office of Community Engagement and Outreach. 
  • Two students have secured positions with the Memphis Dream Center in their Read2Lead Program. 
  • Seven students have been accepted into the STS R.E.A.L Estate Program and have successfully completed it.

Our summer internship program is not just about experiences; it's a stepping stone to professional opportunities and personal growth. We are proud of our interns' achievements and look forward to continuing to empower and inspire young minds in the future. 

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