Judge's Action Center

Functions & Responsibilities

Judge Curtis S. Person created the Judge’s Action Center (JAC) to serve as a liaison between the public and the court to provide helpful and timely answers for those who have questions concerning the Juvenile Court. The JAC also receives suggestions on how to improve Juvenile Court operations and welcomes compliments when meeting high standards.

Our Goals

The center is dedicated to resolving your concerns quickly and efficiently. We are here to assist people who have a problem that they have tried to resolve, but have been unsuccessful. The JAC believes input from the public is essential in providing optimal customer service. We would like for you to send us any suggestions or concerns that you believe will help the judge better assist those who come to Juvenile Court.

The Feedback Process

The public may submit concerns, complaints, or suggestions by mail, email, phone, or fax. After a request is received, the JAC will review it and may contact parties or departments involved. Once the JAC completes a review, a suggestion or request for service will be dispatched to the appropriate department. The JAC will also document the contact and notify the person who contacted the JAC of our findings.

Concerns and suggestions may be made anonymously; however, we can only provide follow-up assistance to those who make their identities known.

Submit Concern

The information given is considered confidential and will only be shared with the parties related to resolving the matter.