Interagency Services

Responsibilities & Goals

The Office of Interagency Services is responsible for developing and maintaining a number of youth service initiatives and projects shared by the Juvenile Court of Memphis and Shelby County and a variety of outside community-based agencies. Our aim is to fully develop and expand services to children and families in Memphis and Shelby County and those brought to the attention of the court.


Interagency Services serves as a central point of contact for outside agencies seeking information and assistance on a variety of topics, including children's programs and services. Staff works closely with outside agencies serving children and families at local, state, and federal levels to fully utilize their services and to lend assistance and support to those agencies.

We endeavor to fully maximize programs and services to expand local solutions for area children and families who are presented to Juvenile Court.

Letters of Support

Requests should be directed to Interagency Services in writing. While we are happy to assist, requests received less than 10 days before the deadline cannot be guaranteed.

Additional Resources