Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you serve?    
The Crime Victims & Rape Crisis Center (CVRCC) provides services to victims of crime who live in Shelby County or who were injured in Shelby County. These services are available to all ages, genders, races, and backgrounds.

Are your services confidential? 
Most victim services are confidential unless you report either elder or child abuse. CVRCC staff comply with Federal victim privacy and confidentiality laws but are also mandated reporters of elder and child abuse.  

How many victims do you serve? 
In FY21, CVRCC provided services to 3,939 victims of crime.  About 20% of those victims, 751, were victims of sexual violence.  

If I was assaulted in Memphis, am I entitled to financial compensation?
If a person is injured in a crime in the state of Tennessee, that victim or certain family members may apply to the Tennessee Criminal Injuries Compensation Program to help with injury-related expenses. Click here or call a CVRCC victim advocate to learn more.    

Someone told me I could get a restraining order here. How do I go about that? 
In Tennessee, people commonly mistake restraining orders for orders of protection, but they are not the same. Our office can assist in filing for an order of protection, which offers civil legal protection for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking. For more information about orders of protection, please click here [NEW LINK NEEDED TO 2e OP PAGE] or call to speak with a CVRCC victim advocate.

Can I get help if I was a victim of sexual assault years ago? 
Yes. While some crimes may have a statute of limitation, our services do not. Victims of sexual violence can contact us anytime to talk about trauma counseling services or to explore their reporting options.  

Are your services available in languages other than English?  
CVRCC has several bilingual staff members who provide counseling, advocacy, and other assistance to Spanish-speaking or Latinx clients.  CVRCC has access to an interpretation and translation phone service to assist clients who may not speak English as their first language.

Can I get help if my loved one is a victim of a crime? 
Yes, our counselors also serve friends and family members of victims of crime.  Call us at 901-222-3950 to learn how to better support your loved one.