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The Chancery Court Clerk & Master’s Office is responsible for conducting public auctions for delinquent real estate property taxes in Shelby County for both City of Memphis and Shelby County and the municipalities within Shelby County. Effective January 19, 2016, the Chancery Court Clerk and Master’s Tax Sales will be held online by Civic Source. To participate in online tax sales, registration is accomplished online.

  • Information about the Shelby County Clerk & Master’s New Online Tax Sale Process
  • Order Confirming Sale – the tax sale is not complete until a Chancellor signs an order confirming the sale. T.C.A. §67-5-2419.
  • Order Confirming Sale – Following confirmation of the sale by Order of Chancery Court, the Clerk & Master will register the Order at the Shelby County Register’s Office.  The Order Confirming Sale confers the right to possession of the parcel to the purchaser effective upon entry of the order (T.C.A. 67-5-2503(a)).  An Order Confirming Sale or a Tax Deed of Conveyance shall be an assurance of perfect title to the purchaser of such land (T.C.A. 67-5-2504(b)).  Effective January 1, 2017 properties sold at tax sale will include the transfer tax and recording fee for registering the property at the Shelby County Register’s Office.  Properties sold prior to January 2017 may still request a Clerk and Master’s Tax Deed.
  • Dispositions of Properties Sold to Shelby County – Unless directed by a resolution of the Shelby County Commission, all properties not specifically withdrawn for cause, will be sold. Properties not sold to individual purchasers will be sold to Shelby County. Such properties may later be sold by the Shelby County Land Bank after the redemption period has expired. For a list of properties available from the Shelby County Land Bank, please visit the Land Banks website.
  • Requests for Public Records on Excess Proceeds - Review the FAQ and complete the records request form for prior tax sale information.

 Public record request FAQ 

Record request form?

Any additional questions about Chancery Court Clerk & Master’s tax sales may be answered by the Clerk & Master’s Bookkeeping Department at 901-222-3900.

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