Motion Form--Set or Strike

***NOTICE: Submitting the Motion Form does not guarantee that your motion will be set on the Motion Docket.  Placement on the docket is subject to the Local Rules of the Chancery Court and the Chancellor’s Preferences.  Additionally, submitting the Motion Form does not provide notice to other Parties.  You must comply with the notice requirements of the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure.***

New Set Motion 

Strike Motion


The Attorney's BPR number must be a party to the case. Pro-se use the No BPR option.

Non-dispositive motions are heard on Fridays at 9:00 am and are required to be in writing and filed with the clerk. Copies of memoranda that counsel would like the court to read prior to the hearing of the motion must be delivered to the Chancellor or clerk in accordance with Rule 10 of the Local Rules.

Please note that motions for summary judgment, to dismiss, and motions that will exceed 20 minutes must be specially set with the individual courtroom clerk. Information about special settings of motions may also be found under the Chancellors' contact information.

Inclement Weather/Unscheduled Closing Policy
If the Court is closed due to weather or other circumstances you must submit a new Motion hearing request. The Clerk's Office will no longer automatically place your motion on the following Friday.

Helpful Links
Court Calendars
Motion Exclusion Dates

In the event your motion is not listed, please contact your specific courtroom clerk at:

Part I Courtroom Clerk
Phone: (901) 222-3918
Part II Courtroom Clerk
Phone: (901) 222-3936
Part III Courtroom Clerk
Phone: (901) 222-3941