Intensive Supervision

Responsibilities & Services

Intensive Supervision Unit was established as a part of the Jail Master Plan to assist in reducing the overcrowding of the Shelby County Jail by releasing defendants who could be likely candidates for release if provided an increased level of supervision. These plans could entail, but are not limited to, halfway house residential placement, drug treatment, and other similar actions.

The Intensive Supervision Unit:
  • Conducts in-depth, follow-up interviews for clients following the first appearance arraignment: The section serves the eight divisions of General Sessions Courts and 10 divisions of Criminal Courts as a liaison between the court, jail, and community agencies to affect the release of individuals with special needs
  • Coordinates plans of supervision to accommodate special needs which may include assistance with housing, medical needs, drug addiction, or supervision that will enable the client to be successfully diverted from the criminal justice system
  • Provides special needs services that may include drug awareness, anger management, employment assistance via job readiness skills, making appropriate medical and/or psychological plans for clients (these may include halfway house residential placement)
  • Supervises defendants who are released on their own recognizance to ensure that they make all court appearances
  • Works collaboratively with other sections of Pretrial Services, the Shelby County Jail, the Public Defender’s Office, and the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office to provide informational services to the court to assist in the release of these defendants