Hiring Process

Steps Toward Employment

  1. Applications for employment are only accepted through our application process.
  2. The applicants will be scheduled for testing if testing is applicable for the position.
  3. Applications are screened to determine most qualified applicants. Qualified and unqualified applicants are notified of their status by email.
  4. A certified list of eligibles is prepared and sent to the appropriate department, who then contacts the candidates listed on the eligibles list for interviews.
  5. Successful interview candidates are notified and designated as contingent employees subject to additional specialized screenings, such as medical examination and/or background investigations if applicable.
  6. A recommended contingent candidate is contacted and offered job. If candidate accepts, the candidate is scheduled for a new employee orientation session to begin employment with Shelby County Government.

Contact Us

For questions related to Shelby County's hiring process, email us.